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What lights me up

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Sustainable living, good fresh food, enjoying nature, my clients, local heroes, Nia dance, community, golf and tennis…and more.

I love creativity on all levels and thinking out of the box …and particularly love seeing so many younger women and men doing just this – gives me great hope that the challenges created by our species on our beautiful planet are being understood and addressed.

Back to good fresh food: -

Healthy eating has been a passion since I was very young – I’ve been aware of the benefits of food nutrients since my teens. Aged 19 I travelled to the UK to do some travelling and the change from a healthy Queensland summer diet to the English winter comfort diet resulted in rapid, big weight gain!

But I’m not a ‘diet’ kind of person – really don’t think they’re the answer - fervently believe in just eating properly. Eventually I realised I had to take action and embarked on my weight loss regime…which meant ‘cutting out and cutting down’ - no biscuits, cakes or treats in the cupboard, no processed foods – just fresh food - grilled fish and meat, vegetables, smoothies, nuts – fresh food. OK – maybe a glass of wine here and there! It wasn’t the quick fix route but 12 months later I had returned to my normal weight and I’ve remained around that weight all of my life. It taught me a lot about habits, eating, emotions, self-sabotage, nurturing patterns, self-esteem, armouring, manipulation …and what complex beings we are!

Nature has provided us with an abundance of glorious, beautiful produce to sustain us throughout our lives – full of colour, shapes, energy, visual appeal and tactile. Preparing food is creative …its therapeutic …using touch (heart energy), sight, smell and hearing (on a subtle sense communicating its energy). It’s a ritual that our spirit loves – we don’t get this with processed and ready prepared foods. Think how the smell of something cooking stirs memories of an event or special place, person or time – its magical! And when you prepare food for your loved ones – this engages your heart energy further. All our senses are involved so the opposite is true – when we eat junk food, the senses are not truly alive. Food is energy – science is coming to understand the value of this more and more.

Diets are ‘trends’ along with food fads – there will be a new one every few years extolling the virtues of protein, grapefruit, celery, no sugar, no carbs etc …but quick fixes don’t train your brain, body and mind to tune into self and really understand your nutritional and emotional needs. They work but are usually not sustainable. What is needed is understanding what your body is telling you. It’s very smart.

You see many instances of people losing huge amounts of weight very quickly but 12 months later – the weight is back on, along with the return to the old eating patterns. This is because we haven’t tuned in and created a habit of eating to nourish our mind, body and soul…we’ve simply latched onto something ‘out there’ we think can transform us. There are also many stories of how they feel ‘so much better’ now that they’re on this diet or that diet but what’s really happening is the change to eating food in its natural state and removing processed food. Good health is a lifestyle habit – it’s not a formula. Our brains love habit.

Hippocrates said ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ …and he was right. Scientific research is showing that the phytonutrients available in fresh (organic) vegetables and fruit are specifically helpful in treating many of the diseases currently in our western culture. Just eating fresh natural foods can go a long way towards preventing disease and also healing - whereas eating poorly is compromising that ability. Many of our diseases are epigenetic - created or triggered by lifestyle. By eating wholesome foods, we can reduce our dependence on medication, live healthier, more vibrant lives without all the niggles. Food gives us energy but also carries vibrational frequencies – science is researching this very carefully.

All nutrients have functions - anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-influenza etc. One orange seed has all the knowledge imprinted in its cells to grow into a tree and produce many more oranges. Imagine this happens with every food…how amazing! Imagine how that resonates with our own bodies? Our bodies understand natural foods on a deep level – they synchronise and synthesise with our own chemical structure.

So next time you’re eating or shopping, think about the joys of food and how your food choice is affecting your wellbeing on all levels.

Marilynne Cahn

Prioritise Synchronise Balance

BodyTalk Noosa

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