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Find out how BodyTalk has helped people like you...


“I had chronic fatigue and was unable to get through the day. After a few sessions with Marilynne I have been able to enjoy playing with my kids again without feeling wiped out. I have also noticed more mental clarity in general and that I can now focus better."

CAROL , 45 yrs, female

BodyTalk has been a great help to me with various health issues – some very much stress-related due to a very difficult childhood and consequences of same.  My stress-related gut issues have improved considerably and are more manageable.  My allergies have lessened. My mental state (depression and anxiety) has also improved but still some way to go.


I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis and HPV (Human Papilloma Virus – genital warts courtesy of my first husband) about 18 months ago and my gynecologist discovered a pre-cancerous lesion – quite common with these conditions.  The lesion was removed and when followed-up some months later was found to have resolved itself due to my “superior and efficient immune system”!  My gynecologist was very pleased and surprised by this result. He said “whatever you’ve been doing, keep doing it”.  Well, “it” was BodyTalk!!  Thanks Marilynne.


My sessions with Marilynne have a very calming effect on me and I totally trust her.  I would recommend Marilynne and BodyTalk to anyone who is seeking answers to health problems that conventional medicine has failed to properly address. Marilynne thoroughly explained BodyTalk principles and I was very impressed with her level of knowledge – anatomically and mentally.  I have finally gained an understanding of many of my health issues and look forward to my top-up sessions with Marilynne.

Your insight is amazing!  I appreciate that you do not rush the process but give me the time I needed to relax with you. Your relaxing energy is good for my nervous system. I saw your website and was drawn to you even though I felt I'd had enough therapy! The two sessions I had with you helped me understand and release long held belief systems: the problem is inside, not outside; nobody is doing it to me  - it's my buttons; my inner environment is more important than what is outside; I'm not a helpless victim; my healing is in me...and more!

ALICE W, 60 years, female

LYN, 35 yrs, female

I've suffered from endometriosis since I was 16 - typically accompanied by painful periods, with bloating and lack of energy. I came off prescription medication for the symptoms because I was trying to become pregnant.  My doctor said the chances were quite slim. I was becoming increasingly depressed at not being able to conceive, so when Marilynne offered sessions and offered hope that it was definitely possible to conceive, I had nothing to lose.  After each session I fel more energetic and less bloated during periods. After the third session, I fell pregnant and a baby boy was born in December.


JOANNE TAYLOR, 30 years, female

A severe, debilitating bout of anxiety saw me hospitalised, lose my job and unable to care for my children.  Ultimately, I moved my life and family 2000km to be with my family so they could take care of me.  It was an extremely harrowing time. 

At this time I decided to see Marilynne to see if she could help and began to see results from the very first session.  I can honestly say that with Marilynne’s caring nature and genuine interest in my situation, coupled with the principles of BodyTalk, my world began slowly to return to its former rhythm.  I am working again, I’m happy again – I’m not experiencing anxiety and depression and am thrilled to learn I am expecting my fourth child. I can’t thank Marilynne enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.  I sincerely believe BodyTalk, coupled with Marilynne’s unique approach had a huge impact in the way I have progressed.


Thank you."

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