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Opening Hours:

Tuesday -Friday 9am - 5pm

​​Saturday: 10am - 12pm ​

Sunday: Closed

BodyTalk Noosa

Marilynne Cahn

How BodyTalk can help you

Ongoing exposure to the stressors of day-to-day life has a direct effect on our body's communication network. When this communication is blocked or shut down our bodies experience a state of 'dis'-ease that can become chronic and result in many symptoms that we begin to accept as normal.


BodyTalk is a globally recognised, intelligent therapeutic system that optimises your body's internal communication. By using safe and simple techniques that promote better internal communication your body is capable of healing very rapidly.

BodyTalk is an advanced maintenance program, like having your car serviced regularly only much more important! It allows you to stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy in an out-of-balance world.

BodyTalk allows you to take ownership of your health and put to rest some of the issues that get in the way of your innate healing ability and living your life in a way that satisfies you and brings inner contentment.

There are very few diseases that don't have emotional factors, psychological factors, environmental factors or hereditary factors. BodyTalk addresses you, the whole person and your whole story, using the entire context of your life to improve your health.

Because of its holistic focus, BodyTalk can help with posture and alignment, chronic ailments, behavioural issues, emotional trauma, cognitive function, negative belief systems, energetic blocks, allergies and digestive disorders, skin conditions, chronic fatigue, life purpose and much more.


Is BodyTalk for me?

If you value your health and wellbeing and are committed to making positive, lasting change you are ready for BodyTalk.


How many sessions of BodyTalk do I need?

Regular sessions are essential in maintaining health and wellbeing, however 3 sessions usually provides a good foundation to work from.

Where does a BodyTalk session take place?

. In person sessions from my home in Noosa

. Distant sessions in real time via Skype 

. Distant sessions on a prearranged date with recording sent to you


How long is a typical BodyTalk session?


First session - allow 90 minutes

Regular sessions - 45-60 minutes 

How much does a BodyTalk Session Cost?


$85 per session

$195 (package of 3 sessions)

"Stop waiting - start tapping into

the life that makes you feel alive."



Health has always been my passion and when I discovered BodyTalk to treat my own chronic food allergies, I knew I'd found something very different, that was so simple but so effective. From that moment, I decided to become a health practitioner. Using BodyTalk, Reiki and Heart Coherence and intuition, I work with clients, helping in re-aligning their health, optimally adapting and living dynamically in their life/health situation. 


I help you gain clarity in attitudes and belief systems to improve mental and physical health, to increase self awareness and to identify the steps you can take to improve your health - from diet to simple relaxation strategies.

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"It's about understanding the psychology of your body

and the influence that has on your health."

Join me on the BodyTalk journey towards greater joy & balance 

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